Template Design

Create your own templates

With a few simple tags, you can turn any HTML page into a re-usable email template. This is especially handy for designers that have clients who want to send their own emails. Using our simple WYSIWYG editor, they can add their own text and images to each email, send it to their subscribers and view reports on the results.

If you're familiar with XHTML and CSS, it couldn't be easier to build a template using your own tools. Use our free templates as a base to begin changing the graphics and layout. You can even choose to add or remove some of the template tags(see below). Then you simply import it ready to send in a single click.

How email templates work

Creating an email template for dhrystones Newsletters is just like creating a regular HTML page. Once you've finished the design, just replace the bits of content you want to be able to update with the relevant template tags (see below).

The beauty of this approach is that you or your client can easily add any type of content without the risk of changing the original template design.

Making Content Editable

You can use tags to create editable templates for yourself or your client, allowing them to manage the content for their campaigns while your design stays intact. Just put these tags in with your regular HTML to create dynamic areas of your template that your clients can change.

Our simple template language

Quick Links

  • Web Version: <webversion>
    • Defines a link to a web-based version of the campaign, where recipients can view the campaign in their web browser.
  • Forward to a Friend: <forwardtoafriend>
    • Defines a link to a forward to a friend page where recipients can forward the email to up to 5 friends at a time, and even add their own personal message.
  • Unsubscribe: <unsubscribe>
    • Defines a single-click unsubscribe link in your template. Please note that it is a requirement to include our single-click unsubscribe link in all of your campaigns.
  • Preference Center: <preferences>
    • Defines a link to the preference center, where each subscriber can update their subscription details or unsubscribe.


  • Current day (Number): <$currentday$>
    • Outputs a numeric representation of the day of the month e.g. 8
  • Current day (Name): <$currentdayname$>
    • Outputs a textual representation of the day e.g. Wednesday
  • Current month (Number): <$currentmonth$>
    • Outputs a numeric representation of the month e.g. 7
  • Current month (Name): <$currentmonthname$>
    • Outputs a textual representation of the month e.g. July
  • Current year (Number): <$currentyear$>
    • Outputs a numeric representation of the year e.g. 2010


Add your recipients personal data into your email content. You can also personalize your emails with custom field data.

  • First name: [firstname,fallback=text]
  • Last name: [lastname,fallback=text]
  • Full name: [fullname,fallback=text]
  • Email Address: [email]
  • Custom fields: [customFieldName,fallback=your content here]

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