Sending your newsletter out is by far the most exciting and the easiest part of the process. After choosing a template and adding your content all that is left to do is choose your recipients and press 'send'. There are a few additional extras which you can carry out at this stage, but once you have done it once, it's even easier the next time.

Define Recipients

Since it is so easy to collect subscribers, you can often build up quite a large database of people from across the globe or with different interests. Using the Segments feature, you can group your subscribers into various categories by creating a new Segment and adding subscribers to it based on a range of variables such as 'Location' or 'Date Subscribed'. Segments are updated and the rules are re-applied to your subscriber list every time you send a campaign to ensure your message is always reaching the right people.

More ideas for using segments

As well as targetting a location, segments can be used in lots of different ways to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Send a special thank you offer to members who signed up before a certain date.
  • A second chance offer for people who did not click through on your last campaign
  • Offer special prices to frequent purchasers
  • Send emails to people interested in certain topics

One Click Testing

Testing your design in all the different email clients out there is the most frustrating part of sending email campaigns. Our design and spam testing tool changes all that by doing the hard work for you. For a small fee you'll get all this with a single click.

See screenshots in all the major email clients

See screenshots of exactly how your email will look in more than 20 of the most popular desktop, web and mobile email clients like Outlook 2007, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, Lotus Notes, iPhone, BlackBerry and many more.

Included in each test

We'll generate screenshots with images on and off for these clients:

Desktop Email Clients

  • AOL 9
  • Apple Mail 3
  • Apple Mail 4
  • Lotus Notes 6.5.4
  • Lotus Notes 7
  • Lotus Notes 8
  • Outlook 2000
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook XP
  • Thunderbird
  • Windows Mail

Web-based Email Clients

  • AOL Web
  • Gmail
  • Mobile Me
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail

Mobile Email Clients

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Windows Mobile 6.5

Image blocking and browser variations

Most of the popular email clients enforce image blocking and sometimes the same email client renders your emails differently in Firefox or IE. Not only will we take screenshots of your design, but we'll take multiple versions with images on, images off and when we can, how it looks in two different browsers. We also have a comprehensive guide to which email clients display images by default and which don't here.

Your email tested against spam filters and firewalls

Getting your email delivered isn't just about choosing a great email service provider. Your content might be triggering filters and not being read. Instead of just scanning your content for "spammy words", we’ll pass your email through real spam filters and tell you which ones it passes, and which failed.

Where the filters provide reasons (rather than just a pass or fail), you'll see those listed in your reports so you can take action. We’ll also run your email through a number of key spam firewalls - the gatekeepers for most ISP’s and large corporations.

Spam filters tested;

  • Brightmail
  • IronPort
  • MessageLabs
  • Postini
  • Spam Assassin 3.1
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • Hotmail

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