dhrystones Newsletters is a flexible service, allowing you to pay either for what you use, when you use it with our Pay as You Go service or pay in advance with our Prepay service.


Account Setup: £45
DNS Setup: £45 (optional)

Pay as You Go:

If you choose to pay as you go, you will be billed once your campaign has been sent out.

Sending a Newsletter: £10 plus 2p per email.

For example, a Pay as You Go campaign sent to 100 subscribers would cost £10 + (100 x 0.02) = £12


Buy credits in advance of sending a campaign and make a saving. Credits are cheaper the more you buy;

Upto 50,000 credits 1.5p per credit
50,001 - 100,000 credits 1.4p per credit
100,001 - 250,000credits 1.3p per credit
250,001 – 500,000 credits 1.2p per credit

Sending a Newsletter: 500 credits plus 1 credit per email.


Design and Spam Testing: £5 per test
The design and spam testing tool lets you see exactly how your campaign will perform before you actually send it. See screenshots of your email in more than 20 email clients and make sure your campaign passes all of the popular spam filters.

Design Options

If you require a custom newsletter design but don't have the necessary skills to build it yourself, let us do it for you! We have many years of experience in Web and Email design and can guarantee that your newsletter will be 100% compliant with the most popular email clients.

Basic Design Package

Price: £112 - £168
Choose one of our templates and we will add your logo and change the colours to exactly match your branding.

Standard Design Package

Price: £196 - £312
We will create a custom design to reflect your company logo and branding, ensuring that your newsletters fully reflect your company image and brand personality while at the same time standing out from the crowd.

Advanced Design package

Price: £340 - £510
Stand out and make a huge impact with a premium design based on your branding and any additional specifications. This involves designing your newsletter from scratch and ensuring it will break the mould with regards to how your customers see you.


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