Getting started

Everybody has to start somewhere! Here's some simple guides to help you get up and running with dhrystonesnewsletters right away.

Get some email design inspiration

When you are staring at that blank screen, here’s some ways to fire up your creativity and generate some great designs.

Designing an HTML email can be quite a different challenge to designing a website. Besides the obvious technical challenges, you are working inside an email reader, with a different design context, different space constraints and limited bandwidth. We’ve all sat and stared blankly at the screen, trying to come up with something both visually appealing and effective. You can also look at other areas of design that might work in an email, like brochures and pamphlets which need to work in a limited format. Don’t forget to signup for a few email newsletters yourself, and see first hand how others are doing it!

Plain text templates and formatting tips

Not everybody has an email client that can show HTML, and some people just prefer plain text. Here’s how to create a more readable plain text email. 

The “getting started checklist” for new clients

Make sure you get the best results possible with this simple and straightforward checklist.

What you need to know about permission

What does it mean to ‘have permission to email’ someone? How can you ensure you meet our permission guidelines?


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