Build a List

Build your subscriber base & manage multiple lists.
Automatic handling of unsubscribe requests & removal of bounced emails.

Detailed history for individual subscribers
Individual user tracking.
A detailed history of opens & links followed by individual subscribers.


Create subscriber lists from existing contacts, databases or spreadsheets
Total management of your subscribers.
Easily import an existing source of contacts for your subscriber lists.

Summary of subscriber list features

  • Signup Forms
  • Custom Fields
  • Segments
  • Export to Excel
  • Customise Everything
  • Suppression lists
  • Confirmed Opt-in
  • Manage with our API
  • RSS feed for list activity
  • Preference Centres
  • Client Management
  • Flexible importing

Let your users subscribe themselves to your Newsletter!

You can quickly and easily let visitors to your website sign themselves up for your newsletter(s) by adding a simple form to your website. This is great because your subscriber list will grow all by itself and your visitors who sign up this way cannot complain that your newsletters are unsolicited or SPAM.

  • Increase your subscriber base.
  • Protect yourself from SPAM complaints knowing that visitors are signing up themselves.
  • Automatically generated sign-up forms. Copy & paste this on to your website (or send it to your web designer).

Generate subscribe forms for your website
Increase your subscriber base.
Automatically created forms can be added to your own website in minutes.


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